What is this?

Wild Magic Rocks! is a wild magic surge generator for table top role playing games.

How do I use it?

There are a few ways you can use this site:

What are the 'Permalink' buttons?

On Surge Generator page, the Permalink button links to a surge page that will always show that specific surge. The seed query string parameter can be provided to always generate the exact surge text regardless of any dynamic elements it may contain.

Similarly, on the Surge Table Generator page, the Permalink button links to a surge table that can be shared and refreshed with the same content given the seed query string parameter.

What is the Select button on the Surge Table Generator page

The select button links to a Permalink url for that table but with the selected query string parameter set to -1. When you go to that page, the table will redirect to a selected table item and set the selected query string parameter to the selected number.

Can I change the number of surges on with Surge Table Generator?

By default, 20 surges are generated. If you click on the Permalink button on the Surge Table Generator, you can see the count query string parameter.

The table will generate no fewer than 5 and no more than 100 surges.

How can I see the raw surge text before dynamic values are filled?

Click on a surge Permalink and then append the &raw=true query string parameter

Is there a list of all of the spell surges?

Check out /surges. The same list can also be found on GitHub at github.com/ngerakines/wildmagic-rocks

What are filters?

Some spell surges are tagged and those tags can be used to include or exclude them from either the Surge Generator or Surge Table Generator by using the include or exclude query string parameter.



Can result in creature death
Surges that involve changing effects
Surges that involve objects
Surges that involve planar travel
Surges that involve movement

Is there a dark mode?

Yes! This site uses Pico.css which suports both light and dark modes. Because this website doesn't use any javascript, cookies, or browser storage, when you add either light or dark to the query string parameters, that value will be appended to any links generated through the site.

I found a bug!

Go to github.com/ngerakines/wildmagic-rocks/issues and create a new issue. Please describe what you encountered, what you did to get there, and what you expect to happen.

I'd like to contribute!

Fantastic! There are lots of ways to contribute:

To get started, go to github.com/ngerakines/wildmagic-rocks start looking through open issues, pull-requests, and the codebase.

What else should I know?