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# Surge
1 For the next 1 hour you can comprehend all languages but only speak deep speech. Permalink
2 A random enemy must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC or be frightened of you. Permalink
3 Your teeth grow longer, sharper, and more canine. You pant slightly when you breath. A spell such as remove curse can end this effect. Permalink
4 The caster learns the location of the nearest sentient magical item, either through a brief vision of it's location or an approximate distance from their current whereabouts. Permalink
5 You become intoxicated for 1 hour. Permalink
6 A random enemy must make a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC. If you fail, they are stunned for 3 minutes. Permalink
7 You have double vision. This gives you disadvantage on ranged attacks (including spell attacks) and Perception checks involving sight. This effect lasts 1 minute. Permalink
8 All doors within 30 feet of you close. Permalink
9 A random enemy must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC or forgets what they were doing and must take their next turn remembering. They may not take reactions during this time. Permalink
10 All creatures within 30 feet of you take 10d10 psychic damage distributed evenly. Permalink
11 A Purple Worm immediately bursts from the ground and makes a single Bite attack against a random creature within 60 feet within your line of sight, including swallowing it. After that attack, the worm disappears into the earth, along with any creatures it has swallowed. Permalink
12 A large earthquake occurs within 10 miles. Permalink
13 An enemy you choose heals up to 3d10 hit points. Permalink
14 You are transformed into a different gender (if possible) of your current creature type, as if by the polymorph spell. Permalink
15 A massive explosion can be heard from far off in the distance. Within 1d6 days, the party will hear news of some great disaster occurring in the general direction of the explosion. Any attempts by others to link these happenings to the caster will fail. Permalink
16 All allies gains the ability to see creature alignments as if a colored aura around them. Permalink
17 A random enemy gains a non-offensive tattoo on a primary visible body part. A spell such as remove curse can end this effect. Permalink
18 A ghoul rises from the earth under your control. It ceases to be controlled by you after 2d4 hours. Permalink
19 Your clothes become dirty and filthy. Until you can change and/or clean your clothes, your Charisma is reduced by 1. Permalink
20 An enemy you choose gains the service of a 3rd-level spirital weapon for 3 minutes. Permalink

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