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# Surge
1 An ally you choose within 10 feet gains the effect of Detect Poison and Disease for 4 minutes. Permalink
2 It begins to rain heavily in the surrounding area. This last 4 minutes. Permalink
3 You are at the center of a Darkness spell as if you cast it for 2 minutes. Permalink
4 An ally you choose within 10 feet gains the sensation that the food they consume is screaming in agony at them. This lasts 4 minutes. Permalink
5 You get gain a -1 penalty to your AC for 1 minute. Permalink
6 A magic mouth appears on a nearby wall or flat surface. When you speak, your voice comes from the magic mouth. This lasts for 2 minutes. Permalink
7 An ally you choose within 10 feet gains the effect of Protection from Evil and Good for 4 minutes. Permalink
8 You gain the ability to speak one additional language of your choice for 4 minutes. Permalink
9 A medium size stone with a face appears in an unoccupied space within 10 feet of the caster. It will answer the next question given to it. It disspears after the answer is given or after 1d6*10 minutes. Permalink
10 An ally you choose within 10 feet gains vulnerability to acid damage for 2 minutes. Permalink
11 You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice that you're not already proficient in for 4 minutes. Permalink
12 The next spell you cast within the next hour uses a spell slot of one level lower than what it normally requires. If the spell is a spell of 1st level, you still must expend a spell slot to cast it. Permalink
13 An ally you choose within 10 feet gains the effect of having bees come out of any open wounds for the next 1 hour. Permalink
14 You feel extremely nauseated. Make a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC. If you fail, you must spend your next action throwing up. Permalink
15 A 10 foot radious of ground around you dries and ages 1d10*10 years. Rocks turn to sand, water evaporates, and all plant life shrivels into dead twigs. Creatures in the area are unaffected. Permalink
16 A puddle of grease appears where you are standing, with a 10-foot radius. You and anyone within 10 feet of you must make a Dexterity check at your spell save DC or fall prone. Permalink
17 You immediately heal 1d2 hit points. Permalink
18 One non-magical item in your possession is permanently immune to fire damage. Permalink
19 During the next hour, you may re-roll any one save, attack roll, or skill check. If you do, you must take the new roll's result. Permalink
20 An ally you choose within 10 feet must re-roll their initiative if in combat. Permalink

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